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My Story

Coaching is about outcomes, learning and change.  

I have been fortunate to have a successful career in the entertainment industry, specifically as a trainer and coach at HBO. I worked at HBO for almost 30 years and also helped two start-up cable networks get off the ground. I took early retirement from HBO in 2019 after the company was purchased by AT&T and decided to start my own coaching and training business. However, I struggled with severe depression and had to try various treatments before finding one that worked for me. Through this experience, I discovered my purpose and returned to my coaching practice as a better coach and a better person. My philosophy is simple but powerful: I help clients get in touch with their core values, dreams, and goals and then create a plan to achieve them. I use the BEST YEAR YET program, which I have personally gone through twice as a participant and twice to become certified. The program has a proven track record of success and helps clients make lasting changes in their lives. One of my favorite quotes that I try to apply to my coaching practice: "People only change when they are cherished and when they are treated with tenderness." Father Gregory Boyle

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