Express Coaching

Express Coaching is a short-term coaching process. Sometimes a client only needs one or maybe a few coaching sessions to get clarity and action steps behind a specific challenge or something they want to create. I can help them with that using the OSCAR coaching model which is approved by the International Coaching Federation (IFC) - of which I am certified. Check out the model! And reach out with any questions.

The OSCAR Coaching Model

The OSCAR Coaching Model was developed by Andrew Gilbert and Karen Whittleworth and has won wide acclaim and a National Training Award. The model builds upon and enhances the popular GROW model and is particularly useful for managers seeking to adopt a coaching style.

There is an art in running a coaching conversation. For instance, many coaches ask good questions but in the wrong place – too soon or too late. OSCAR helps keep you on track. It is easy to remember and emphasizes that there is an optimum place for a particular type of question at each phase.

Here are some examples of coaching questions using the OSCAR Model:

O - Outcome

"What is your long term outcome?"

"What would success look like?"

S - Situation

"What is the current situation?"

"What's actually happening?"

C - Choices and Consequences

"What choices do you have?"

"What are the consequences of each choice?"

"Which choice(s) will best move you towards your outcome?"

A - Actions

"What actions will you take?"

"What will you do next?"

R - Review

"What steps will you take to review your progress?"

"Have the actions been taken?"

"Have the actions moved you towards your outcome? If not, what corrective action needs to be taken?"